Dickson Yewn

Artist & Founder

YEWN, Contemporary Chinese fine jewelry · Hong Kong

Since childhood, Dickson Yewn has devoted himself to fine arts and felt an especially strong affinity to Chinese arts and culture. Starting in 1995, capitalizing on his fine arts training, Yewn has created many out-of-the-box and extraordinary jewelry pieces for his elitist customers. Most pieces are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. From Chinese Lattice, Paper Cut, and Lock of Good Wishes to Glorious Peony collections, his works not only draw inspiration from Chinese arts and culture but did magic in transforming centuries-old tradition into modern, wearable, contemporary Chinese arts.


In 2011, YEWN became the first contemporary Chinese fine jewelry brand chosen by the American First Lady. Michelle Obama was seen wearing YEWN’s iconic Chinese Lattice Jadeite Ring while waiting with her husband for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.


Yewn also became one of the few so-called “art jewelers” presenting his “unorthodox” jeweled mini sculptures in contemporary art fairs, which is usually a rare scene or non-existent at all, thus opening up the door for jewelry arts to be considered as a contemporary art medium, just like photography in the past. His upcoming two-volume edition of the first contemporary Chinese fine jewelry art book in the world, entitled “Contemporary Art Jewels and The Silk Road” will be published by ACC Art book in August 2023.