Agung Prabowo


Penicillin · Hong Kong

Originally from Jakarta, Agung Prabowo has lent his expertise to internationally acclaimed bars and hotels around Asia, including Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, Oriental Bar at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, MO Bar in Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, Woo Bar at W Hotel Hong Kong, as well as BATS at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta and so on in the span of more than 20 years.


He opened The Old Man Hong Kong August 2017 with his two Partners, where he created arguably one of the most inventive & unique cocktail menus inspired tribute to Ernest Hemmingway.


Following the success of The Old Man Hong Kong, Agung & his partners have opened PENICILLIN Bar, Hong Kong’s first sustainable bar that champions a closed-loop model of production,  inspired by the farm-to-table movement taking the culinary world by storm. Named after the breakthrough group of antibiotics that heralded an age of medical revolution, PENICILLIN bar similarly brings a revolutionary take on sustainability in today’s waste-heavy world of cocktail creation.