Yves Ubelmann

Co-founder & CEO

ICONEM · France (Fly in)

Since 2013, Yves Ubelmann is president and co-founder of Iconem, specialised in digitalisation of 3D rendering of cultural heritage sites in danger. Graduated from the National School of Architecture in Versailles in 2006, Yves has worked as an architect in the Near East and in Central Asia (Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan) for the study and interpretation of archaeological sites. This experience has led to the development of a technological approach to study archaeological sites by digital imaging.


Iconem is currently active in around thirty countries to promote the conservation of cultural heritage threatened by looting, urbanisation, mass tourism, armed conflicts, and climate change. His team develops very large-scale digitised solutions for natural and cultural sites, allowing their recording at very high resolution. Iconem works with various governments, museums, or international institutions such as UNESCO.