Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang

Deputy Director

Curatorial & Programming of the Hong Kong Palace Museum · Hong Kong

Dr Daisy Yiyou Wang leads the Hong Kong Palace Museum’s curation, research, exhibition planning and management, collection, conservation, publication, design, and learning programmes. Under the leadership of Dr Louis Ng and Dr Wang, the Museum team has collaborated with the Palace Museum to ensure the timely and successful delivery of nine high-quality opening exhibitions as well as the safety of over 1,000 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum, the Louvre Museum, and Hong Kong collections. A specialist of the history of art collecting, Ming lacquer, and Qing imperial portraiture and textile, Dr Wang has published internationally and received numerous awards, including a Getty Museum Leadership Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, and a Smithsonian Scholarly Studies Award. Dr Wang co-curated the ground-breaking exhibition Empresses of China’s Forbidden City, which was named the ‘Most Influential International Exhibition from Chinese Museums’ in 2019 and the ‘Best Thematic/Historical Show’ in 2018 by the Boston Globe. She co-edited this exhibition’s catalogue, which received the Smithsonian Secretary’s Research Prize. A leader in international museum professional exchange, she has served as the founding Chair of the American Alliance of Museum’s China Program.