Marthijn Pool

Co-founder & Partner | Co-founder & Partner

Space&Matter | Common City · The Netherlands

Marthijn Pool (1980) studied at the Technical University in Delft and at Politecnico di Milano. After graduating in 2005 he worked at ONL (Oosterhuis Lenard) and taught at the TU Delft in the Hyperbody research group. Marthijn leads workshops and lectures internationally on adaptable design processes and human centered developments. In 2009 he founds the Space&Matter office with Tjeerd Haccou and Sascha Glasl. Subsequently founds the innovative platform to maximize civic engagement in urban planning. 


At Space&Matter we aim to establish Alternative Realities. Through system thinking and modelling we create new systems that independently operate and be self-supportive. The force of creativity and imagination is used to create Architectures that foster conditions for close knit communities to Thrive. In building these communities we use digital technologies (like our Crowdbuilding platform). In creating independently operating systems we use digital technologies (block chain based smart grids for example). Since we want to have a positive impact on the people and the planet we aim for owning less and sharing more. By implementing fundamental principles for a Circular Economy we can create generous and regenerative living environments which are carbon neutral and energy positive.