Adonian Chan

Design Director

Trilingua Design · Hong Kong

Hong Kong type designer, graphic designer, and musician. Co-founded Trilingua Design with Chris Tsui in 2010. In 2018, he published the book ‘A Study on Hong Kong Beiwei Calligraphy & Type Design’, which documented the eight years of research on Hong Kong Beiwei, as well as his type design ‘Hong Kong Beiwei Zansyu’ . The book has won the ‘Grand Award’ and the ‘Distinguished Publishing Awards’ of ‘Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2019’. The type design has won ‘New York Type Directors Club’s’ Typeface Design Award, Tokyo Type Director’s Club’s Excellent Work . Winner of ‘2019 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award’. He is co-curator of Hong Kong largest design festival ‘deTour 2020’ and ‘deTour 2021’.